Heidi Proffetty, Artist




Quilting Arts TV, 2 episodes in series 2100(airing in 2018)

Quilting Arts TV, 1 episode in series 2200 (airing TBD)


Quilting Arts Magazine OCT/NOV 2017

Juried Shows/Exhibitions:


"Starry Night on a Sunny Day" - The Van Gogh Challenge sponsored by Cherrywood Fabrics - 2017 Finalist "Dutch Gallery" 

"Daddy, Hold my Hand" - World of Beauty, International Quilt Festival Houston, Texas - 3rd place winner People-Potraits-Figures Category

"Blossomed" - World of Beauty, International Quilt Festival Houston, Texas - 2nd place winner People-Portraits-Figures Category

"Dress me up" - Little Black Dress, The Brush Art Gallery & Studios, Lowell, MA


"Erin" -  World of Beauty, International Quilt Festival Houston, Texas

"The Calm Before the Roar" -  Lion King Challenge sponsored by Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics - 2016 Finalist

The mosaic quilts that I create all start from a photograph that I have taken.  From behind my camera lens, I look for images that strike emotion. Some of my favorite subjects are children, family,  flowers and landscape. Once I have chosen a photo the fun begins, as I work on transforming and rendering it into a mosaic art quilt.  I first hand draw out the mosaic pattern then from that drawing I create a digital pattern.  While I am drawing, I start to carefully choose fabrics that will achieve the perfect combination of shading, contrast and interest. In the end, the small pieces are cut using a digital cutter, fused into place and free-motion stitched. It's a labor intensive technique but I believe the results are visually stunning.