Variety Pack:     

1 - Small 7.5” round with scallop edge

1 – Medium 10”- 10.5” round with scallop edge

1 – Large 13” x 13” square straight edges


Cotton fabric wraps coated in blend of pure beeswax straight from our own personal beehives, pine resin and jojoba oil. Each wrap features gorgeous hand dyed fabric designs by  Used as a more natural substitute over cling or plastic wrap. Use them to wrap up a half of onion or piece of cheese, hold snacks, cover bowls and plates or my personal favorite to wrap a small gift. They are breathable, antibacterial and reusable for up to 9 months. How to use: Using the warmth of your hands, press and mold the wrap against the object. Care Instructions: Wash with mild soap, rinse in cool water and air dry. Fold and store as desired. *Not recommended for raw meat or fish.

Beeswax Wraps

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