Learn to Make a Mosaic Quilt  - Full Day Workshop

(Dimensions: 12" x 14")

Spend some time and learn as Heidi takes you to step by step through her process of mosaic quiltmaking. As you create a mosaic from a precut kit, she will teach you how she draws a mosaic design from a photo, tracing and marking techniques, traditional and innovative methods to prepare and cut your fabric pieces, and how to put it all together. Join Heidi to make this pretty little floral mosaic and learn techniques you can use in your future quilts!

(Beginner Level/Intermediate Level, Non-Digital Cutter Class)

Moroccan Mosaic, The Regena Block - Full Day Workshop

(Dimensions: 20" x 20")

Appreciating the history and beauty behind various forms of ancient tile artwork Heidi has added her appreciation for this art form to her art quilt-making process. Using color, shapes, and symmetry found in tile designs throughout history as inspiration along with her mosaic quilting method, she will show you how she combines the two, to make a beautiful Moroccan Mosaic tile quilt. This class includes a pre-cut kit.

(Beginner Level/Intermediate Level, Non-Digital Cutter Class)

image 16.png

Moroccan Mosaic Quilt Tiles - Half Day Workshop

(Dimensions 10" x 10")


Discover how to transform tile artwork into stunning mosaic art quilts. Learn a little about the ancient forms of Azulejo & Talavera styles of tilework derived from the Arabic form of Zellige. Using my variation of these historic tile-making practices, you will design your own unique mosaic quilt block pattern. Then using a provided kit, you will practice making a mosaic quilt tile block and do some easy free-motion micro quilting to finish it off. This 1/2 day workshop is a Non-Digital Cutter workshop. 


(Beginner Level/Intermediate Level, Non-Digital Cutter Class)