Making the Leap from Quilter/Sewist to Mosaic Quilt Artist 

Have you ever come across an art quilt for the first time that made your jaw drop and you felt so emotionally charged that you were compelled to learn how to make art like that? And would you ever consider taking the leap towards developing your own artistic style? In this lecture, I will share my experiences as I made the transition from Quilter/Sewist to Art Quilter, developing my own original technique of mixing some technology with fabric and stitching to create mosaic-style art quilts.

You can do WHAT with a digital cutter? A Digital Cutter Basics Presentation 

Perhaps you don’t know what a digital cutting machine is? Or maybe you know what a digital cutter is but think it’s just for crafters. Or maybe you’re a quilter who’s been frustrated using a digital cutter and have it tucked away not being used. Then this presentation will both surprise and inform new and existing users. Artists and quilters are using digital cutters in ways you never imagined to create art. Digital cutters offer us creative freedom and endless design options. They can cut all sorts of materials from fabric for applique, paper thin metals for embellishing, foam board for creating stamps and plastic for stencils to name just a few. This is a Lecture with Demonstration about digital cutters featuring the Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter and its SimpleCuts software.

If you are new to digital cutters, I recommend attending this presentation before taking any one of my full day digital cutter workshops.