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The special blade pulls the fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it away like traditional scissors.  Things you will like about these scissors...cushioned handle, easy for right or left hander to use, blades sharp to the very tip, serrated blade keeps fabric from fraying, light weight and comfortable. The 4" size are great for detail cutting on curves and points. And these are the perfect companion scissors for a quick fix if you experience an imperfect cut while using your digital cutter either from a blade that's starting to become dull or when two applique pieces are digitally drawn to close to one another and are cut slightly stuck together. You can quickly use these scissors to separate the fabric pieces eliminating having to recut them with your cutter. 

4" Perfect Scissors-green by Karen Kay Buckley

  • If an errors had been made with your order or if your item is damaged, please email and explain what has happened. I will refund the amount to return the product shipped, the original shipping cost and will ship the correct order to you.

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