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"Creating works of art one tiny piece of fabric at a time."



I create mosaics. But instead of using traditional materials, tiny pieces of glass, ceramic or tile... I use small pieces of colorful fabrics to create mosaic art quilts. My inspiration comes from either my own photography or from ancient and modern forms of tile. My methods of quilting use both traditional and innovative quilt making techniques. Each design starts with either a photo I've captured or a geometric design that I've created. Every design I create speaks to me personally and either connects me to the people, places, and objects or they express my affection for bold colors, the playfulness of light, and symmetry in geometric patterns. My designs are either freehand or digitally drawn and my favorite medium is fabric. It is my perfect paint palette. I carefully select commercial batiks and hand-dyed fabrics to achieve the perfect combination of shading, contrast, and interest. In the end, all of the small, intricate fabric pieces are precisely cut using a digital cutter, fused into place, and free-motion stitched to create a wall art quilt that is either filled with emotion or visual eye candy to look at.


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