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New Janome Maker Project, Janome Gallery Exhibit, Teaching at AQS & MQX

I am a big fan of quotes, funny sayings and celebrating milestones, and letter boards are a fun way to share these types of quick messages. These types of boards aren't anything new but they are pretty popular right now. Recently, I was browsing on social media, I saw this funny saying on someone's letter board and that's when the idea popped into my head. Wouldn't it be fun to make my own DIY version?

It would be a perfect project to use my digital cutter to precisely cut the letters with. And I thought, wouldn't it be fun if I created custom icons for it too? You know those cute little icons; hearts, fall pumpkins, flip flops and emoji's on smart phones. And then, what if I made my letter board magnetic? As my ideas continued to grow, it made me realized that this would make a great digital cutter teaching exercise and a perfect Janome Maker Project to share.

As a fellow quilter, you're probably saying to yourself...she is a quilter right? Then why is she blogging about making crafty projects like letter boards or earrings? I am happy to explain this. First, I think projects like these are fun to make and great way to step outside of the quilting world for a little while to share some of my other talents. Second, I've been working with a digital cutter for a number of years and I understand some of the hurdles of using one. For these reasons, I decided to design a few specific digital cutter projects to share freely for anyone who might be interested in learning more about using a digital cutter to quilt, sew, or craft with. Each project teaches basic digital cutter skills such as operating a digital cutter, navigating software and how to cut from a variety of different material types. Quilters, that means fabric too! A digital cutter is the perfect tool for creating and cutting your own unique applique designs. And if you're the crafty type, then this project is definitely for you! This changeable magnetic letter board, it's easy to make and super fun to use as a trendy piece of decor to share anything you want to express in words. You can get the full tutorial "Share A Message ~ DIY Magnetic Letter Board" on my website here.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn valuable digital cutter skills such as how to work with fonts, create and import your own custom artwork, trace your artwork and how to cut your designs using a variety of different materials types such as magnetic sheets by Craftopia, this versatile paper fabric product called Kraft-tex by C&T Pubilishing, sew-in interfacing and fabric.

Now that you know what the project is, it's time to let your creativity shine. Choose your favorite font style for your magnetic letters, design your own personal icons such as my examples of a lemon, a wave and fireflies. Then decide on two different colored background options. Once you have these things figured out, you can add even more to your design by incorporating some stitching or other snazzy embellishments. Or you skip making the board all together and instead cut your designs from fabric and use them to create your favorite applique quilt block. Once you start to work more with a digital cutter you'll begin to understand its full potential and recognize the creative possibilities are endless.

One more note, most of you already know that I enjoy working with the Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter and the Simple Cut software as tools to help me design and obtain beautiful cut results and I would highly recommend the Janome Edge to anyone to considering a digital cutter to quilt, sew or craft with. But if you don't own a Janome brand digital cutter, keep an open mind and read through this tutorial because a lot of what you will learn in my digital cutter tutorials works very similar with other brands of digital cutters and software. And, if you already own or are thinking about owning a Janome Edge digital cutter, then give this project a try. Learn some new skills and have fun letting your creativity take you wherever it may go.

Other happenings in my quilt world...

The past few weeks have certainly been productive. I was excited to send two quilts out. My finalist quilt "Are You Smiling at Me?" went to Quilt Festival Houston for jurying and my latest quilt called "7 Little Abstract Flowers" went to Janome Institute. Janome Institute is a bi-annual International event held in Atlanta, GA. August 21st- 25th. In attendance for this event will be members of management from Janome's headquarters in Tokyo, as well as industry partners and an entire network of dealers. Those attending this event are there to learn about Janome's newest machines soon to be released, receive training, and network with others. This year, Janome has planned a special gallery exhibit to feature their Artisans, Makers and other Team Members. And lucky me, my quilt my quilt will be featured in this gallery exhibit.

Also featured in the gallery will be these 3 adorable art quilts by talented quilt artist and longtime Janome Artisan, Sarah Ann Smith of

And more cheers to being productive! I finalized the paperwork to teach mosaic quilting at two well respected quilt shows in the spring of 2020. It will be my first time teaching at AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah, KY and I will be returning to teach at MQX Quilt Festival in New Hampshire. I've planned out a nice variety of mosaic quilting classes to select from. If you're thinking about taking a class with me, please check out the class descriptions carefully as I am offering mosaic quilting classes both with and without using a digital cutter. It's still too early to register but check the specific websites in late fall for MQX and in mid-January for AQS. And don't forget, I am teaching two mosaic quilting classes on Monday, October 28th at Quilt Festival in Houston. Spots are filling up quick in my classes. You can register here at:

While we're on the subject of teaching, I'm thrilled to share that I'll be spreading my passion for mosaic quilting and quilting using a digital cutter with at least 14 guilds and quilt shows in 2020. To see where I am lecturing or teaching in your area visit my website's schedule here at: I update it regularly as I finalize each opportunity. I hope to meet some of my quilting friends out there in one of my upcoming classes.



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