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SCHMETZ: Inspired to Sew, My Interview and Much More....

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

It’s true . . . you meet some pretty amazing people in the quilt industry! Without a doubt I've been blessed to meet some of the most talented, professional and nicest people in our industry. This past October, while teaching at International Quilt Festival in Houston in Texas, I had the pleasure of meeting Rhonda Pierce, Spokesperson for

Meeting her, was the biggest surprise to me, but by no chance was it a surprise to Rhonda, because she purposely came to visit me just before my 8 AM class at Quilt Market began "only" to say hello for the first time in person. She gave me a hug, took this photo and then whooshed off so that I could begin my class.

A few years back, I met Rhonda on social media. This is the photo that made me laugh, feel happy inside, enough to make want to reach out to her personally. I had been following Rhonda's inspiration, happiness and talents on social media for quite some time. And with good reason...

Doesn't this photo make you happy too? (That smile...infectious!)

As you continue to read you will understand a bit more about who this professional, talented, funny and compassionate woman is.

A little about her background. She is the Marketing Director for Euro-notions, the North American importer of Schmetz home sewing machine needles. She is the face, much like Michael Lindell is of the My Pillow TV commercials. Ha ha! Quilters and Sewists know her by name and by her infectious personality. When they see her at events they rush to give her a hug!

How do you really get to know Rhonda, well you need to ask one of her closest friends and co-workers, Rita Farrow. Rita shares, "She was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. Rhonda earned the reputation for being one the hardest workers on any quilt/sewing industry floor. In her early career with Schmetz, she developed an educational presentation about sewing machine needles which became very popular with all sewing machine companies and their dealers. This provided a launchpad for many innovative marketing efforts, including seminars, fashion shows, sponsorships and special events. Always with an eye to inspire customers to sew and (change their needles often!)"

In 2014, Rhonda created the free monthly digital magazine, Schmetz Inspired to Sew which is distributed to over 500 quilt shop subscribers. This month, I was fortunate enough to be one of her featured quilt artists, Issue #75 here at Rhonda developed this magazine to share with others a "glimpse into the heart of today's most talented sewing and quilting artists, authors, designers, teachers, bloggers, sewing stars from around the world." I think she has achieved this goal of hers. Thank you sincerely Rhonda and Team!

Here are a few of my favorite tidbits I'd like to share about Rhonda...

Funny: She makes me (and I'm certain) many others laugh and feel good!

"Dick is telling me stories about growing up with a St Bernard, goats and a monkey. Hilarious! But I'm sitting here thinking with those glasses he looks like a 50's mobster: Dick, Bug Eyes Pierce!"

"This morning I rolled out of bed at the last minute to attend my H2O Combo class followed by Aqua Pilates. Feeling refreshed! ... Carol Johnson Kunnemann I still can't get use to wearing yellow nail polish. Lol."

Dick, Love and Sadness: May 21, 2019 "Two dinner dates and three months later, Dick & I married. Risk taker? Maybe, but we learned the heart is all knowing. Today, we celebrate 25 glorious years"

November 18, 2019 "My heart is broken. My dear sweet Dick died Monday. For 25 years we rocked our world. Dick was my rock, as I was his rock. In sickness & in health, for richer for poorer, we embraced our special bond with reverence and passion.

I am forever grateful for the love, humor, adventure & joy his soul brought into my life & heart. Dick left this world with love in his heart, a kick in his step & wit upon his lips. I am heart broken."

Good Friends & Colleagues: Rhonda Pierce and Rita Farrow, met over 10 years ago in Las Vegas at the Vacuum and Sewing Dealers. "Rhonda doesn’t remember the exact date that she called Rita asking if she would like to come on board as an adviser for product placement and marketing, although Rhonda is certain she could document the conversation in one of her work journals. That was 10 years ago, and their brainstorming and conversations now are just as spirited and insightful as our first." Rita's blog:

Professional: Yes! this woman has many talents but she is a true professional... Make no mistake, Rhonda knows her needles! "Confident or confused about your needle selection? Get needle facts to pierce the mystery of sewing machine needles with classes by Rhonda Pierce, spokesperson for SCHMETZ needles North America."

Candy/Sweets: Oh yessss! we share another sweet passion...CANDY! Rhonda enjoys Kit Kat in white Chocolate while I enjoy Kit Kat in dark Chocolate. Both are hard to find, as they only come out seasonally...but yumminess when the arrive!

On a more serious note, Rhonda and her team at are rock stars! As I mentioned in this amazing person and spokeperson for Schmetz Needles. Sharing not only her talents but sharing the many talents of others.

Click HERE to view SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW! And Check out Schmetz needles and say Hello to Rhonda! when you see her around the quilt shows.



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