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First Janome Maker Project - Stylish Earrings with your Edge Digital Cutter

As one of the newest members to join the Janome Maker team I’m excited to share the first of several Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter projects with you, starting with these easy to make Stylish Earrings. Summer is almost here and these are the perfect earrings to jazz up one of your casual dresses or summer tops.

I’m a huge fan of the Janome Artistic Edge digital cutting machine. Several years ago I developed the idea of using the Edge cutter to design and create Mosaic style art quilts and ever since, I have been creating professional quilts and teaching with it. And while I love to create quilts using the Edge cutter, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating other types of projects with this versatile cutting machine.

Understanding that computers and digital cutting machines can be a bit overwhelming at first. With this in mind, I designed this project to be a basic skill builder and to help you become more familiar working with Janome’s Simple Cuts software, the Edge cutter and digital cutters in general. Following detailed instructions and images, you’ll gain knowledge and grow confidence as you start navigating the Simple Cuts workspace and toolbars, learn how to use the shape tool to create simple designs and how to make your own custom cut file.

Then once your design is finished, you’ll learn the steps necessary to set up your cutter, prepare your cut material and how to send a design from your computer to the cutter.

Plus, I’ll share a clever and inexpensive store bought item that you can use as a cut material.

After you finish this project you’ll have a better understanding of how to use your Simple Cuts software and Edge digital cutter. Have some fun making these stylish earrings and don't forget to try other cut materials, such as faux leather to create a completely different style of earrings. In no time, you can design, cut and be wearing your own pair of eye catching earrings! Find the full PDF instructions on my NEW Projects page on my website here.

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Happy Creating!


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